About Us

One of the directions of our activity is innovative, including aviation development (many implemented).
During the tests of aerodynamic developments on water (hydrodynamics), we have the opportunity to use them in heat exchangers, which we use in the production of heat pumps.
Heat exchangers are shell-and-tube type.
They differ from lamellar with a huge resource, reliability (they can withstand freezing), with the possibility of servicing.
Due to our innovative developments they have very high efficiency, which allowed us to create heat pumps of unique design, with the best characteristics. For 1 kW of energy consumed, we get up to 5 kW of heat.
The main thing is that we can use not only prepared fluids (underground collectors, a probe field), but open water, and even sewage.
Under the order we can produce: megawatt heat pumps, both heating and cooling (efficiency up to 1000%) and so on.
The most modern materials and components of the best world manufacturers are used.
We have our own batch production. We produce three basic variants: 10 kW (there are no scroll compressors for less power), 25 and 50 kW of heat.
For higher temperature conditions, the option is 75 kW for heat.
There are economical options, with a separate location of the heat pump, there are options where we have heating elements (capacitors) built into the buffer tank (candy bar).
We provide our products with warranty and service. To date, the ratio of price and quality – the best.
We recommend installing an electric meter and a counter for the whole system (not only for the compressor) – then you will control everything and will be grateful to us.
We invite you personally to get acquainted with our products.

We can offer accommodation in our own ethno and eco hotel Green Style.